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D-Day Regiments
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Panzer Lehr Regiment

The main armoured component of Panzer Lehr Division........

Heavy Panzer Battalion 503

Formed in April 1942 specifically to operate the new generation of heavy tanks Schwere Panzerabteilung 503 was equipped with Tiger I and despatched to the Eastern Front in January 1943. More >>

Inns of Court

Meet the Devils own volunteer regiment who landed on Juno beach on D-Day..... More >>

Panzer Regiment 22

As the tank element of 21st Panzer Division (famous for its associations with Rommel and the desert war) PanzerRegiment 22 had been in Normandy longer than any other but it was poorly equipped for the challenge it had to face. More >>

The Grenadier Guards

Guards Armoured Division was a remarkable part of the British Army. It was formed in 1941 to increase the number of tank regiments available in the event of invasion More >>

Royal Army Service Corps

Find out about the regiment that can trace it's roots to the sixteenth century! More>>

Fifth Royal Tank Regiment

With a history that dates back to the First World War 5th RTR has a remarkable record in two world wars. More >>

The Staffordshire Yeomanry

They began as volunteer cavalry at the time of the French Revolution, enrolled to defend their locality and started to serve overseas at the time of the Boer War and after the First World War branched out, mostly into artillery and tanks.....Read more >>

Sixth Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment

In 1942 C Special Service Squadron of the Royal Armoured Corps, formed partly from men of the 10th Hussars, was attached to 1st Airborne Division, complete with its Tetrarch light tanks. Later it became known as 6th Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment..... Read more >>

The Royal Engineers

Known thoughout the Army as the "Sappers" they are amongst the most innovative and versatile elements in the British Armed Forces... Read more >>

The Westminster Dragoons - 2nd County of London Yeomanry

This famous Yeomanry regiment can trace its history back to the Boer War, they landed on D-Day on Sword Beach and went right through the campaign in North West Europe. Read more of their story >>

THE 13TH/18TH ROYAL HUSSARS (Queen Mary's Own)

The story of this famous regiment is a close parallel to that of the 4th/7th Dragoon Guards. Like them it was formed by a 1922 amalgamation between the 13th Hussars and the 18th Royal Hussars. However it spent many of the pre-war years in India and did not begin the process of mechanisation until January 1939, when it was based at Shorncliffe. Read more of their story >>

The 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards

Formed in 1922 by the amalgamation of the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards and the 7th (Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards the 4th/7th operated Sherman DD amphibious tanks on D-Day.

Read more of their story >>

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