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D-Day Regiments

The Tank Museum offers a huge selection of photographs (some quarter of a million) for purchase in both black & white, and colour.

Please specify your area of interest (e.g. a type of vehicle) for a proof copy of the selections available.

Alternatively, throughout this web site you will find photographs with a "Tank museum photo number" caption.

To order, simply print out an order form, insert the numbers and sizes (see below), and post it to us along with your payment.

For more information please write to:

The Library
The Tank Museum
BH20 6JG

Telephone: 01929 405070


Photographs are available in many sizes - for example:

Black & White


17.5cm x 12.5cm (7" x 5")


17.5cm x 12.5cm (7"x 5")


20cm x 15cm (8"x 6")


23cm x 15cm (9"x 6")


25cm x 20cm (10" x 8")


25cm x 17.5cm (10"x 7")


24cm x 30cm (9.5" x 12")


30cm x 20cm (12" x 8")


for further information on photographs, please email


The Tank Museum Shop has an amazing range of tank related products
Click HERE to visit now to see some of the many items available.

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Most vehicles featured on this website are part of the Tank Museum collection, many are on public display from time to time. Please enquire for details

Many of the photographs on this site have a Tank Museum number with them, - details on how to purchase these pictures.

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