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Tank Museum photo No. 3617/D/6 Tank Museum photo No. 3617/D/6

The Museum's Panzer IV is a hybrid. Built as an early Ausfuhrung (model) D it was subsequently improved to the point that it displays many features of the later type Ausf H.

Tank Museum photo No. 1950/C/6 Tank Museum photo No. 1950/C/6
In particular the long 75mm gun which, in British eyes, made it a Panzer IV Special. In reality it probably never fired a shot in anger, being employed by a driver training school during the war.

Tank Museum photo No. 1950/C/5Tank Museum photo No. 1950/C/5
However it is, outwardly, similar to the tanks that 21st Panzer Division used in Normandy in 1944.

Tank Museum photo No. 3617/F/3 Tank Museum photo No. 3617/F/3

One reason why the Panzer IV, which first appeared before the war, was still regarded as an effective front-line tank in 1944 was its ability to take improvement without suffering loss of performance. The longer gun is the best example but in this close-up one can see various places where additional armour had been fitted.

Tank Museum photo No.5862/D/3 Tank Museum photo No.5862/D/3

The tank has been repainted since most of these photographs were taken and now resides in that part of the Tank Museum devoted to the D-Day campaign.

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