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D-Day Regiments
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Panther and JagdPanther

This month being the last new entry for this D-Day anniversary Website we feel we can offer two for the price of one!

King Tiger

By any standards it is an impressive battle wagon. Sixty years old it may be but it still has a sense of threat and power that belies its age.

Daimler Dingo

Find out more about the finest AFV built in Britain during the Second World War.

Panzer IV

This months exhibit is the Panzer IV - or to give it it's full name Panzerkampfwagen IV! Find out more about the tank that the 21st Panzer Division used in Normandy in 1944.

M9 Half-Track

Learn more about the M9 half-track >>


There are those who question what a DUKW is doing in a museum of Armoured vehicles, but it is there by popular demand! More >>

Churchill Mark VII

When it first appeared in 1943 the Churchill Mark VII was, effectively, a new tank; a vast improvement on earlier versions. The Tank Museum's exhibit is in fact the last Churchill tank to be completed and is in virtually new condition. It carries the markings of a tank in 34th Army Tank Brigade. Read more >>

Cruiser Tank Mark VII Cromwell

Designed in 1942 the Cromwell was a superb mechanical package; the combination of Christie suspension, Rolls-Royce Meteor engine and Merritt-Brown transmission ......... Read more >>

The Sherman Firefly

Compared with a Panther or King Tiger it might not look much but, from 1944, almost to the end of the war the Sherman Firefly was the most powerful tank in the arsenal of the western allies. Not the fastest, not the best armoured, but it did have the best gun. Read more >>

Light Tank Mark VII - The Tetrarch

Designed before the war as a light cruiser tank the Tetrarch made a name for itself on the evening of D-Day when a few tanks were delivered, by air, direct to the battlefield. The first time this had ever been done. Read more >>

Churchill AVRE

Sporting the insignia of 79th Armoured Division our restored AVRE from all angles! Find out more>>

M4A4 Sherman V Crab Mark I Flail Tank Accession number A1949.360

The Museum's Crab is a Mark I, the type used on D-Day and it carries the markings of the Westminster Dragoons of 30th Armoured Brigade, in 79th Armoured Division. Find out more >>

M4A2 Sherman III Duplex Drive Accession number A1949.357

Probably the only surviving Sherman DD tank with its floatation screen intact. Find out more>>

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