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There are those who would question what a DUKW might be doing in a museum full of armoured vehicles but, like the Jeep it is almost an icon of World War II so you might say it is here by popular demand.

Tank Museum photo No. 1311/E/1Tank Museum photo No. 1311/E/1

This photograph was taken soon after it arrived, in 1986, parked alongside our M9 half-track. In those days the M9 was our regular workhorse and here both are seen carrying post-war British registration numbers.

Tank Museum photo No. 3393/B/2 Tank Museum photo No. 3393/B/2

One key feature of the DUKW's success was the hull form that actually made it an excellent sea boat, even in heavy surf. Our DUKW is from the later production batch, best identified by the raked windscreen and quarter-lights.

Tank Museum photo No. 3393/C/2Tank Museum photo No. 3393/C/2

In this view the splash-board is rigged. It was provided to keep down spray in rough seas. Notice too the valances over the wheels. They were intended to cut down resistance in the water but were often removed to make it easier to get at the wheels.

Tank Museum photo No. 3393/B/1Tank Museum photo No. 3393/B/1

This is what you might call the 'business end' of the DUKW, the rear. You can see the marine propeller in its tunnel with the rudder directly behind it. The towing hook is the red-painted fitting at the back and above that the little powered winch.

Tank Museum photo No. 3393/A/3Tank Museum photo No. 3393/A/3

This is the driver's/helmsman's position. The controls are entirely conventional, despite the mass of instructions along the dashboard, and given the bulk of the vehicle the view from the driver's position is very good.

Tank Museum photo No. 3393/B/6Tank Museum photo No. 3393/B/6

And finally this is what makes it go. The engine is a GMC Model 270 six-cylinder, water-cooled petrol unit. At present the DUKW is displayed in our D-Day area, between the DD Sherman and the Sherman Crab.

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