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D-Day Regiments
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Cruiser Tank Mark VII Cromwell.

Tank Museum photo No. 4238/C/2Tank Museum photo No. 4238/C/2

Designed in 1942 the Cromwell was a superb mechanical package; the combination of Christie suspension, Rolls-Royce Meteor engine and Merritt-Brown transmission gave the tank a comfortable ride at high speed and superb manoeuvrability

Tank Museum photo No. 4238/C/5Tank Museum photo No. 4238/C/5

Unfortunately the tanks was let down by its thin armour and poor gun, a 75mm weapon with a very mediocre performance against enemy armour.

Tank Museum photo No. 4238/C/3Tank Museum photo No. 4238/C/3

It was certainly compact, which is not always a bad thing, but criticized for its boxy shape and lack of sloped armour.

Tank Museum photo No. 3804/E/1Tank Museum photo No. 3804/E/1

Even so this meant that it was very cramped inside for the three-man turret crew and not much better for the driver and hull machine-gunner at the front.

Tank Museum photo No. 4238/D/1Tank Museum photo No. 4238/D/1

Our exhibit has been painted to represent a Cromwell of 1st Polish Armoured Division in Normandy; specifically the divisional reconnaissance regiment, 10th Mounted Rifle Regiment which led this hard-fighting division across north-west Europe.

Tank Museum photo No. 4238/D/2Tank Museum photo No. 4238/D/2

This particular Cromwell is a Mark IV, the type most commonly seen in action. This rear view shows the tow hook and smoke emitters.

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