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D-Day Regiments
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D-Day Diary - 1st Week of May 1944

1 May 1944. Panzer Lehr Division begins its move from Hungary to France.

tank movements on d-day

2 May 1944. Codenames for various events connected with D-Day appear as answers in Daily Telegraph crosswords commencing on this date - it proves to be an innocent coincidence.

3 May 1944. Today sees the start of Exercise Fabius, a full-scale D-Day rehearsal on the South Coast. Tanks loaded into landing craft at Gosport, Portsmouth and Southampton before setting sail and heading eastwards, up the English Channel. Littlehampton, in Sussex, doubled for Normandy and the tanks, fully equipped with deep wading equipment and live ammunition came ashore beneath an umbrella of barrage balloons to deter enemy air attacks.

tank movements on D-day

In the event this massive exercise passed off undetected and provided a lot of useful experience for the troops involved.

5 May 1944. B and C Squadrons, 4th/7th Dragoon Guards take delivery of their Sherman DD tanks.

tank movements on d-day

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