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D-Day Regiments
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D-Day Diary - 3rd week of June 1944

13 June 1944. Battle of Villers-Bocage. Tanks of 4th County of London Yeomanry destroyed by Tigers of SS Abteilung 101.

Rommel to his wife The battle is not going at all well for us, mainly because of the enemy's air superiority and heavy naval guns.

14 June 1944. HM King George VI visits the invasion beaches and is landed by DUKW.

Rommel to his wife Whether the gravity of the situation is realised up above, and the proper conclusions drawn, to me seems doubtful.

15 June 1944. Rommel to his wife …the situation does not improve. We must be prepared for grave events. The troops, SS and Army alike, are fighting with the utmost courage, but the balance of strength tips more heavily against us every day.

18 June 1944. The Great Storm
Rommel to his wife A quick enemy breakthrough to Paris is now hardly a possibility. We've a lot of stuff coming up. The Fuehrer was very cordial and in a good humour. He realises the gravity of the situation…

British capture Tilly-sur-Seulles

V1 Flying Bomb hits the Guards Chapel at Wellington Barracks during the morning service; 119 killed, 102 seriously wounded in mixed civilian/military congregation.

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