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D-Day Regiments
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D-Day Countdown Diary

The Story so far.....

The plan to invade Europe, liberate the occupied countries and defeat Nazi Germany has its roots in a telegram from the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, to U. S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt dated 25 July 1940. He wrote

plans ought also to be made for coming to the aid of the conquered populations by landing armies of liberation when opportunity is ripe. For this purpose it will be necessary, not only to have great numbers of tanks, but also vessels capable of carrying them and landing them direct on to beaches.

Click to enlarge - Roosevelt and ChurchillClick to enlarge - General Frederick MorganChurchill created a Combined Services Committee in 1942 to study the possibilities and, at the Casablanca Conference in January 1943 Churchill and Roosevelt agreed to create the Anglo-American Inter-Service Headquarters to make preparations for the invasion in readiness for the day when a Supreme Commander could be appointed. In the meantime Lieutenant-General Frederick Morgan took on the post of Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander (designate);  he was known by the acronym COSSAC. Everyone had their own D-Day story; some tank men will be telling us theirs…  

Diary Entries

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