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D-Day Regiments
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D-Day Articles

Aug 04

An Ending at Falaise -Sealing the German Army's last escape route from the Normandy area marks the effective end of the campaign that began with D-Day

July 04

There is good reason to believe that the Tiger II saw action for the very first time in Normandy......

June 04

Read about the Inns of Courts disasterous race to blow bridges on D-Day

May 04

Rommels' Dilemma - Could Field Marshall Rommel anticipate where the Allies would invade? And if he so, could he convince his colleagues to fortify the coast?

April 04

The Evolution of the Half Track - Half-tracks are strange creatures, real hybrids, neither fish nor fowl, but they have a long history........

Mar 04

There are few vehicles in history that have been so successful or long-lived as the DUKW; perhaps it is a matter of genes.....

Feb 04

Flame Throwing tanks - The combination of tanks and flame-throwers is a potent one and it goes back a long way. In 1916 British designers considered mounting one in the original Pedrail Landship but the first successful application was in the United States, in 1918.

Jan 04

An Armoured Regiment - We often talk about regiments; what do we mean?

Nov 03

General Aircraft Hamilcar Glider - The Hamilcar was designed to handle an 8-ton payload, which in practice, worked out at one Tetrarch Light Tank, two Universal Carriers or a self-propelled Bofors gun.

Oct 03

THE CHURCHILL ARMOURED VEHICLE ROYAL ENGINEERS - AVRE - The disastrous raid on Dieppe in August 1942 revealed, among other things, the requirement to demolish reinforced concrete defensive structures.>>

Sept 03

History of the Flail Tank - Mine fields have always been a problem, if you can break through an organised minefield chances are you will hit the enemy in a vital spot, but first of all you have to clear a route through.>>

Aug 03

DEVELOPING THE DD TANK - They started testing amphibious tanks at the end of the First World War but none of them worked very well. In the years leading up to the Second World War they became something of a fixation >>

July 03

Beware of the Bull - The 79th Armoured Division was created in September 1942; Major General Percy Hobart was appointed to command, having recently raised and trained the 11th Armoured Division >>


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