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D-Day Regiments
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An Ending at Falaise

Sealing the German Army's last escape route from the Normandy area marks the effective end of the campaign that began with D-Day, and with it the purpose of this website which will not be regularly updated in future.

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Fittingly, at least for the Allies as this map shows, it was a true multinational effort. British, Canadian and Polish forces sweep down from the north while more Canadian, in conjunction with United States and French forces race up from the south to slam the door shut.

Tank Museum photo No. 5643/E/2Tank Museum photo No. 5643/E/2

It was not only land forces. As this photograph shows the carnage was terrible, and much of it visited from the air. This route has been bulldozed clear of rubble, and one complete Panther tank, so that local people can start to move about and get the harvest in. It is worth bearing in mind that French civilians suffered under the same devastating onslaught that rained down upon the Germans.

Tank Museum photo No. 2903/B/4 Tank Museum photo No. 2903/B/4

And even the Allied navies, while the big guns of their battleships could still reach inland, wrought havoc among German armoured formations. The sort of explosion that could throw a 45 ton Panther tank onto its back had an even more devastating effect upon the human mind. Many Panzer crews are reported to have been demoralised and even gone mad. Rommel himself learned the hard way that it was impossible to deploy armoured formations within range of big naval guns when the Allies had full control of the air.

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